When Mr Ka was a boy he asked his teacher where we come from. He didn’t really want to know — he only wanted for class not to let out because then some of the bullies would catch him afterwards and beat him up. He was hoping a question like that would have a very long answer. But the class bell rang. The teacher asked him to come to the office but it did no good. All the bullies were waiting and he got an extra beating for trying to get away. One of the bullies was named Bill. The next day, when the teacher was reading to them as he always did from The Book of Doufouz he found a hard word and stopped to ask the children what they thought it meant. The word was psychopompoi. Bill’s hand shot up at once. I know, he said, but the teacher didn’t notice. I know! Bill shouted. It means spirit guide. Well, Bill, the teacher said. You are right. How did you know that? But Bill shrugged and wouldn’t say and after class Mr Ka got beat up again for getting Bill into trouble by asking stupid questions making up hard words. I didn’t, said Mr Ka, but Bill beat him up anyway and Mr Ka never did find out how Bill knew what psychopompoi meant.