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Ocotillo Arts publications

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Books by W Walsh Doane
  memoir (print edition)
Books by Charles Brownson
As Told To
  a detective novel (e-book only)
In Uz   a detective novel (print only)
The Sea print edition
The Sea e-book edition
  a detective novel
The Figure of the Detective
  literary history and analysis
 (print or e-book)
The Expatriate
  a novel (print or e-book)
E volume one: Lost and Found
E volume two: Seen and Unseen
  science fiction (print edition)
 E (one volume)   science fiction (e-book edition)
Pronouns, by Charles Brownson
  memoir (print or e-book)

Free options: read online

Paris 1953 Walking Tour  
The Yuma Project   a novel
In June   a graphic story

Free options: pdf download

Ancestors   a story cycle
A Bibliography of the English Translations of Théophile Gautier  
The Boy with Shoes of Bread
by Théophile Gautier)
  a children's story
On Gautier's travel writings  
Now the Artists Book Now  
Paris 1953 Walking Tour  
The Way of the Tree   a Zen parable