Mr Ka’s treasure

Mr Ka’s Treasure Map

In an old trunk in his attic Mr Ka found a large piece of heavy with mysterious writing on it.

This must have been left behind by an earlier owner of this house, Mr Ka said to himself. I’ll bet it’s a treasure map. All papers like this with mysterious writing are treasure maps. But what am I supposed to do to find the treasure if I can’t read the instructions?

He turned the map every which way. He used a magnifying glass. He tried some liquid for making invisible ink visible. He still could make nothing of it.

So he put away the map again, closed the lid of the trunk firmly, and went downstairs to eat his dinner.

I would like to have owned that treasure, Mr Ka thought when he woke up the next morning. Think of all the good works I could have done. I suppose I shall have to get along without it. All day Mr Ka racked his brains for something good to do, but finally he had to give up and go about his business.

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